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Up and coming project

  Hey all, so I am in the works of creating a newsletter.  I am planning on starting it in September, I thought that would be a great time since it is the 1 year anniversary of my blog page. On my page I have the subscription sign-up on there, I want to focus on

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Dear Outside World

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Dear Outside World; Often times, survivors are bombarded with the same repetitive question: Why didn’t you leave sooner? or Why didn’t you leave when he or she hit you the first time? Let me be very clear, no one stays in a relationship because they enjoy the abuse. Do you

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Dear Survivors

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Dear Survivors; You made it! You got your strength and found your courage. You found your voice and you got your dignity back. It was a traumatic road; but you managed to re-route your GPS and get back on the right track. You broke through those prison walls, and escaped

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